Thursday, July 29, 2021

Fashion 101: Make the most of fleece

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Remi Landau looks back at some of the best fleece fashion practices, with the end of spring and summer in full swing.

Fleece is a soft, wooly material that has become fashionable throughout the years. People have rocked a fleece pullover by partnering it with a pair of white jeans. That pairing has always been a great idea for an everyday casual look.

Remi Landau mentions that matching a fleece pullover, a pair of leggings, and trainers also works for a more sporty ensemble. A black tote bag completes the look.

While it isn't as cold as winter, it can still get quite chilly on some days. A denim jacket over a fleece pullover is both fashionable and practical. And they go well with a pair of black jeans, or a pair of black leggings, and comfy shoes. This look is perfect for a day hike or an afternoon in the park.

Remi Landau notes that a long-sleeved fleece jacket over a striped top is a great combo for more warmth.

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Furthermore, the combination of a printed fleece pullover with a neutral-colored bottom can be quite an exciting, colorful, casual ensemble.

As mentioned earlier, with summer here, people can use this blog as a guide for fall and the seasons after, Remi Landau adds.

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Thursday, June 24, 2021

What spring cleaning your closet can teach you about life

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Being a fashion professional has a way of changing the way that you think, and this isn’t any less true for Remi Landau. In this blog, she shares what spring cleaning your closet can teach you about your life.

Many people have a certain quality to their closets at home, and they might find that there’s a unique theme that its contents follow in the way they are arranged. Of course, in one door, that’s where one keeps the essential pieces reserved for their daily wardrobe. Perhaps, this door is what opened the most because most are sure to find what they like to wear comfortably without spending too much time deciding their outfit. These are the clothes use for mundane and uneventful moments, shares Remi Landau.

The life lesson, however, comes to attention most especially when doing spring cleaning. This gives one a reason to open a seldom-used door, keeping the more sentimental pieces. This is where you’ll find those articles of clothing that may seem useless to you, but just you can’t let go of anyway.

Consider the neat dress you’ve been keeping for so many years, which is a few sizes smaller than where you’re at. It doesn’t take too much time before you long for those times when you used to have a more flattering frame.

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And yet there’s also that other piece which is a size or two bigger than what you’re wearing today, which you somehow keep because you fear the possibility of going back to where you once were, a possibility that you’d like to prepare for just the same.

Then you realize that you’re in your 50s, and what really matters is that you wear something that allows you to be the happiest version of yourself. So the next time you go spring cleaning, you know that you need to clean out the closet in your mind, too.

Remi Landau received her degree in sociology from Syracuse University. She recently worked for Bergdorf Goodman as an assistant for a personal stylist. For related blogs, visit this page.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

The trendiest shoes for spring and summer

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Days out in the sun always seem like a good idea following chilly months spent mostly indoors. To fully enjoy spring strolls, wearing the best footwear is a must. In this blog post, fashion industry professional Remi Landau lets her readers in on the trendiest shoes for spring and the months to come.

Boat shoes are making a comeback. People are more likely to use and see these on the streets than in decks of yachts. The stylish shoes have gotten more accessible over the years and have started to look cooler when worn with classics such as chinos, shorts, oxford shirts, or button-down shirts. When the sun shines, it’s natural to slip into more colorful shoes. Pastel-colored flats and sandals can be paired easily with floral dresses.

Gum soles are timeless winners and easy shoes to wear throughout the year. However, this footwear particularly rocks during spring. Retro trainers go well together with joggers and tailored trousers. Sustainable footwear is all the buzz, thanks to the fashion industry’s move toward sustainability. Sustainable shoes by both micro and mega brands help individuals feel their best while taking care of the environment.

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Better weather allows people to go for workouts outside. Tech-upgraded trainers enable wearers to track their runs and other stats while giving them unparalleled style and comfort. According to Remi Landau, Velcro sandals, much like gum soles and boat shoes, are making a huge comeback this season. Expect stylish individuals rocking Velcro sandals made by luxury brands and pairing them with dresses and other spring-worthy ensembles.

Remi Landau is a recipient of a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Syracuse University. She draws upon a cumulative experience as well as her regular attendance at New York Fashion Week in her current endeavor as a fashion designer in New York. For more updates, visit this page.

Friday, March 26, 2021

Can the fashion industry say goodbye to seasons?

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For decades, change in seasons came with a shift in collections. To save the planet by promoting sustainability, the conversation about the fashion world going "seasonless" has received more attention these days than in previous years. With an established system in the industry, is there still room for seasonless fashion?

The answer is yes. According to fashion industry professional Remi Landau, designers and brands have become more detailed and intentional when designing clothes that can be worn throughout the year. Fast fashion has contributed generously to the decline of the planet and the dismal state of garment workers that the industry is ripe for appropriate adjustments. While brands and designers would still have to manufacture new clothing pieces for seasonless fashion, materials to be used are likely to be made from sustainable materials.

Seasonal fashion can give way to impulse purchases. In this day and age when individuals are getting rid of clutter, purchasing clothes particular to the season would only contribute to the mess. As designers put more thought into their collections, the pieces' longevity and durability can be promised.

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Cutting on purchases but not compromising on quality and integrity should be the move, says Remi Landau. Over the years, the fashion industry has become more successful in blending two seasons to come up with only two collections each year. Bright and pastel colors, usually worn during spring and summer, start to find their way to fall/winter collections, with neutral, earthy tones are sliding their way into spring/summer collections.

Fashion design professional and enthusiast Remi Landau gained significant experience in the industry while working as an assistant to a personal stylist at Bergdorf Goodman. Subscribe to this blog for more fashion updates.

Monday, February 15, 2021

Five fashion tips for a spectacular pre-spring wardrobe

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The shift between winter and spring can be confusing, especially to those who desire to keep their fashion weather-appropriate. Individuals who pay close attention to what they wear and make an effort to look great know that a pre-spring wardrobe must exist as the weather plays a few tricks before it completely slides into bright spring.

Keep trench coats on rotation to stay warm and fuzzy while looking fabulous. Invest in trench coats that go with everything for that easy winter-to-spring collection, says Remi Landau. The weather can be hard to read, especially during the final weeks of winter, so be sure to keep them in the closet. Allow brown to stay as it goes well with other neutral colors and bright spring shades.

Consider relaxed suits. These worthy investments go a long way and are a seamless transition from work to play. Relaxed suits can keep one comfy while looking sharp and pristine. Nothing reflects the vibe of spring better than an oversize, slouchy outfit. Chunky boots are in for both winter and spring. One can shed a few layers of clothing come spring, making chunky boots the best weapon to keep one warm during walks.

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For fashion design professional Remi Landau, it takes guts to rock out bold silhouettes as the seasons change. Statement pieces such as mini dresses, leather trousers, wrap dresses, and more make great pre-fall wardrobe choices that can stay until the middle of spring. While it seems like a ton of work putting together outfits that last from winter to spring, it only takes creativity and confidence to pull them off.

Remi Landau is a recipient of a bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University. She has most recently worked for Bergdorf Goodman as an assistant to a personal stylist. Click here for more updates from Remi Landau.

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Six ways to identify personal style

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With an abundance of styles and trends, people may get lost in finding their personal style. Figuring out one’s personal style may take some time, with some taking many seasons and years before finding the one they most identify with. Stylist Remi Landau shares six ways a person can determine their style.

When shopping for clothes, one must have a list of adjectives that best describes the vibe they want to achieve. Doing this minimizes confusion and eventually boosts one’s confidence in building the wardrobe they most want. Build a capsule wardrobe to be sure to have some basic pieces that can be mixed and matched. While staying true to one’s style, keeping a few of the basics showcase timeless and sophisticated looks.

Keep a fashion mood board to develop personal style more effectively and efficiently. Having a ton of fashion inspirations can be overwhelming and

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unrealistic, but maintaining a mood board can eliminate style and pieces that just won’t work. Embrace a humble closet. Being able to nail down the basics, a few of the funky ones, and some pieces for grand occasions is a big step toward finding one’s personal style.

According to Remi Landau, there is no shame in having experimental pieces in the closet. A capsule collection needs a few unique articles in it. Having a signature outfit doesn’t necessarily mean one only has that outfit to wear. One can be stick to their personal style even by mixing and matching clothes.

Remi Landau is a fashion designer who draws upon her cumulative work experience in the fashion industry as well as her regular attendance at the New York Fashion Week. For more styling tips, head over to this page.

Friday, December 11, 2020

Fashion forecast: Trends to anticipate in 2021

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With everything that happened in 2020, people from all over the world are excited to welcome 2021. The fashion industry is also gearing up to introduce new style trends that will dominate next year. Remi Landau shares some pieces and designs that people will be wearing in the next months.

Tiny tie details

In recent years, people have seen the return of bold bows on clothing. However, this embellishment has had its moment. For 2021, fashion experts are anticipating these tie details on tops, dresses, and bottoms that will showcase a person's figure and elegance.

Bold florals

Floral prints are coming back bigger and louder next year. Remi Landau reports that designers are becoming more creative about matching colors and floral prints to come up with standout pieces that people will enjoy wearing. Bright floral prints will be seen on shirts, jackets, dresses, pants, and skirts.

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Wide-legged pants

Move over, skinny jeans and jogger pants! 2021 will see the comeback of wide-legged pants. Now that comfort seems to be everyone's priority these days, fashionistas like Remi Landau predict that people will trade their tight-fitting jeans for more comfortable ones. Aside from jeans, loose pants made of other materials works well with the laid-back fashion that people are enjoying these days.

Head scarves

A colorful head scarf can make a plain outfit look fabulous. For those who want to add a colorful or elegant piece to their minimalist ensembles, a scarf will do the trick. Replacing hats with a head scarf will make a person look chic even as they rock their usual casual wear.

Remi Landau is a fashion design professional with a diverse work experience. She most recently worked as an assistant to a personal stylist at Bergdorf Goodman. For more articles on fashion, visit this page.